Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Details of Techniques Practised - August 2018

Wednesday 1st

Techniques from contact:
Ikkyo irimi
Ikkyo tenkan

Monday 6th

Exercise from tsuki attack - step offline, turn and swivel
Tsuki kotegaeshi
Tsuki iriminage

Wednesday 8th

Exercise from yokomen-uchi - move irimi tenkan and step offline
Yokomen-uchi kotegaeshi
Yokomen-uchi kokyonage
Yokomen-uchi tenchinage

Monday 13th

Shomen-uchi ikkyo irimi
Shomen-uchi ikkyo tenkan

Wednesday 15th

Shomen-uchi ikkyo irimi
Shomen-uchi ikkyo tenkan
Shomen-uchi kotegaeshi

Monday 20th

Katatedori gyakuhanmi ikkyo irimi
Katatedori gyakuhanmi ikkyo tenkan
Katatedori gyakuhanmi iriminage

Wednesday 22nd

Bokken kata
Uchi and irimi tenkan movements with a bokken, both individually and as attack and defence.

Wednesday 29th

Katadori men-uchi iriminage
Katadori men-uchi ikkyo tenkan
Katadori men-uchi kotegaeshi